One of the most exquisite elements of KOKET’s statement designs is our use of handcrafted cast metal.

The Cast Tradition

One of the most exquisite elements of KOKET’s statement designs is our use of handcrafted cast metal. Not only are the metal forms stunning to look at, the hands of the artisans who create them using the labor intensive sand casting tradition add a special personal touch to each piece. Down a long cobblestone road outside the Portuguese city of Oporto sits a workshop in the home of one of KOKET’s sand casting masters. Using the traditional techniques learned from his patriarchs, and which he will pass to his children, he passionately embarks on the fully hand made process of creating KOKET’s cast metal designs.

From intricate cabinet hardware like the Orchidea console’s orchid handles to the organic lace of blooming branches and creatures which flow across the Spellbound cabinet’s face, KOKET’s approach to incorporating cast metal into our decor is often inspired by nature. However, the casting technique is also used to create simpler forms such as the sensuous legs of our Chandra chair.


The Casting Technique

Beginning over 2,000 years ago on the Asian continent, sand casting was first used to create statues before evolving into use for utensils of daily need. From beginning to end the process takes around 24 hours for a KOKET design. First comes the sand mold created from a mixture of sand and a bonding agent. The pattern (i.e. the model of whatever design is desired) is compacted in sand between the top and bottom halves of a mold box called a flask. The top half of the flask is then lifted to remove the pattern. At this point the artisan often goes in and perfects the details in the mold before replacing the top to create the mold cavity.


Next comes the molten metal which is poured into the closed mold cavity. Once the metal cools, the sand mold is broken away and the casting is revealed. If the cast is a component to a larger design it is then welded with other casts. The final step is polishing and finishing, and then voilà!